Mobile Hot Line Washing Units

Mobile Washing UnitsMobile Insulator Washing equipment consists of a completely integrated unit mounted on a steel frame, for the insulators cleaning of substation, power & distribution lines, pole or lattice tower mounted – from the ground, from an aerial device or by climbing towers to reach suspension string insulators.

The Washing Unit MK Models can be mounted on:

  • Skid (frame), MK-S Series)
  • Chassis frame (MK-C Series)
  • Flatbed-Trailer (MK-T Series)


Hot line energized insulators washing - Overhead transmission lines - Mobile Unit

380kV DC SAUDI SEC LIVE INSULATORS WASHING CHASSIS + WATERTANK+ HIGH PRESS PUMP STATION - Avoid costly power outages on existing and operational overhead lines!



Standard Equipment General Specifications
Water Tank Materials: Stainless Steel 304/304L/316 or mild steel
  Shape: round or semi-elliptical
  Internal baffles. Upper Lid (access dome) with strainer
Skid (Frame): Materials: Tubular mild steel, epoxy painted.  Skid Grounding Kit
Water Pump: High pressure Triplex Plunger Pump,  Driven by gas or diesel engine
Accessories (Basic) Hand-held wash gun
Hose reel, 19 mm I.D., 350 bar, 50 m (164 Ft.) length, heavy duty hose
  Stair with handrail to reach top of tank.
Tool storage compartment.  Pressure regulating valve
Low water level allarm & automatic engine shutdown
Rotating warning beacon.  Safety valve. Portable resistivity tester
Optional (Basic) Hose reel- electric rewind
Extendible boom
Power take-off (PTO)
Remote control - Boom/Nozzle
Remote control - Motor pump
Video-Camera mounted on extendible boom
Proximity indicator integrated on extendible boom
Custom features available on-request

Standard Kid Units
Model Tank Capacity LT/GAL Length (MM) Max Working Press
Flow Capacity
MK-4 4000/1057 5000 125/1800 318-84 100/75
MK-5 5000/1321
MK-6 6000/1585
MK-7 7000/1849 6000
MK-8 8000/2113
MK-9 9000/2378
MK-10 10000/2642 7000

Design, specifications, dimensions subject to change without notice.
Custom design, specification and sizes, available on request.

Minimum Distance for Energized Washing
Line Voltage Minimum nozzle-to-conductor distance Minimum water resistivity Minimum nozzle pressure Maximum orifice diameter
kV m Ω.cm kPa mm
13 & below 1.82 1,300 2758 6.35
16 2.13 1,300 2758 4.76
34.5 2.44 1,300 2758 6.35
69 3.66 1,300 2758 6.35
115 3.96 1,300 2758 6.35
230 4.57 1,300 2758 6.35
345 5.22 1,300 2758 6.35
500 4.27 50,000 5516 6.35

Washing Units Available on Towable Trailer - Trailer Chassis with insulated Aerial Device and Exentible Boom Options

Reference: guide for Cleaning Insulators IEEE 957-2005. The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of the IEEE Std. 957™-2005 IEEE Guide for Cleaning Insulators.

  • Electrical Equipment Washing/Cleaning, Electrical & Utility Safety Association (Ontario) Safe Practice Guide, 2001.
  • IEC 60479-2:1987, Effects of Current Passing Through the Human Body.
  • IEEE Std 4™-1995, IEEE Standard Techniques for High-Voltage Testing.
  • IEEE Std 80™-2000, IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding.
  • IEEE Std 516™-2003, IEEE Guide for Maintenance Methods on Energized Power Lines.
  • IEEE Std 1048™-2003, IEEE Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines.

Avoid Costly Power Outages

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